When it comes to product safety and quality, we pay close attention to every stage of our production process, starting from procuring top-quality raw materials from leading global suppliers of the hygiene industry and implementing strict manufacturing process controls to rigorous testing and quality inspection of the finished products.

We continuously work towards designing and manufacturing products that meet and exceed not only regulatory requirements, but also our customers' expectations in terms of protection, comfort and safety.

Manufacturing Facility

Our 50,000 square feet manufacturing facility is equipped with a fully automatic Italian production line that is capable of producing over 1 million plant-based period products per day.

Besides being US FDA registered, our manufacturing facility is also ISO 13485, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified.

Production Area

We follow strict hygiene and manufacturing process controls at every step of our production process. With hand sanitizers installed at every entry point, compulsory hair nets, uniforms and safety shoes, all of our technicians, engineers, and operators also follow strict hygiene controls.

Besides having epoxy flooring, our dust-free production area is equipped with an advanced Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system to maintain positive pressure for ensuring unparalleled quality of our products.

Rigorous Quality Control of Finished Products

To ensure that our products meet the highest-quality standards consistently, we have implemented a rigorous internal quality management system to test every parameter. During every production run, we conduct an on-line quality inspection on the production floor as well as do a periodic sample testing of in-depth product quality analysis in our quality assurance lab.

Whether it is an on-line quality inspection or in-lab product tests, we carefully document all performance parameters such as absorbency, rewet, and adhesive strength with individual batch codes.

Our standardized operating procedures allow us to effectively identify any manufacturing defects or errors so that we can quickly take corrective actions if required. That way, you can be assured that every final product that makes its way into your hands has passed every check in our rigorous quality control system, and therefore, is safe for you to use.

Procuring Top-Quality Raw Materials

We believe that high-quality products can only be produced if we start off with safe and top-quality ingredients. Therefore, we only work with leading industry suppliers who share our core values and comply with the strictest internationally-accepted safety standards.

Before sourcing an ingredient from a supplier, we ensure that both their manufacturing control processes as well as their quality management systems are certified by independent organizations. To maintain the consistency and quality of all of our raw materials, we also conduct periodic plant visits and audits to verify that our suppliers follow the same high standards and accountability that we expect from ourselves.

Sparkle R&D Center

As a young but rapidly growing company, we understand and embrace the importance of innovation as an engine that drives growth. With a strong focus on sustainability, we keep the entire product life-cycle in mind when designing our products, starting from sourcing innovative ingredients and production to their end-of-life scenarios.

Our R&D Center is equipped with eight departments: