The problem
of non-biodegradable sanitary pads waste disposal

12 BILLION sanitary napkins (filled with 90% of plastic compounds) are discarded in India every year.
45 BILLION period products are disposed of globally every year.

As more menstruators gain access to personal care products, the plastic pollution numbers continue to rise. The majority of today’s sanitary napkins have chemical-filled, non-biodegradable plastic components that take around 600-800 years to break down. Coupled with unorganised ways of municipal solid waste management and lack of infrastructure, our world is facing an unprecedented crisis as most of these soiled pads eventually end up in landfills or oceans.

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Exploring the solution
by keeping the entire product life-cycle in mind

Non-biodegradable, “conventional” sanitary pads can cause multidimensional problems.

Havoc on the skin. Health. Habitat.

After years of thorough research, we designed Sparkle sanitary pads from biodegradable, renewable, and compostable ingredients that could offer similar (if not better) performance, comfort, and convenience compared to conventional pads.

Every Sparkle pad has been designed keeping its life-cycle in mind (in addition to a menstruator’s period cycle).

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Transitioning to Circularity
From a linear economy to a circular economy

We aim to create a circular economy by not only developing sustainable ingredients from renewable resources, but by also building programs that can ensure the product’s responsible disposal so that they can safely go back to earth at the end of their life-cycle.

Circularity in ingredients: We upcycle banana stem agro-waste by transforming it into soft and absorbent pulp to make our banana fibre pad which not only reduces waste, but also provides extra income to farmers.

Circularity in products: We developed the GreenCycle program to ensure that our sustainable products can be properly composted and go back to nature after their disposal.

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A sustainable alternative
Compostable sanitary pads that can go back to nature after disposal

Just like no two menstruators are alike, neither are their periods nor their choices.

While one menstruator on their period might prefer using reusable menstrual products such as cloth pads, menstrual cups, menstrual disks or period underwear, other menstruators might still be uncomfortable or undecided on making that particular switch due to health, cultural or other reasons - therefore, our first product is designed around a familiar sustainable alternative. We want you to have a comfortable, convenient and above all, worry-free period.

We think it’s important for menstruators to have multiple options, and we aim to eventually create a line of new products.

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