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Size Chart

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100% organic cotton absorbent core, veil and cord, polycotton sewing yarn, cardboard applicator and paper wrap.
How are Sparkle cardboard applicator tampons different from conventional tampons?

Most conventional tampon applicators are made using petrochemical-based plastic that could pollute our planet for 500-600 years after disposal. Even the “plant-based applicators” applicators that are made from sugarcane polyethylene (PE) behave exactly like the ones made from fossil-fuel based polyethylene applicators after disposal. Sparkle cardboard applicators are made using cellulose fibers which are plastic-free.

Most conventional tampons (and even some organic tampons), use a security veil made from polypropylene (a petrochemical-based plastic) to prevent fiber shedding. Sparkle tampons are made using an organic cotton security veil to ensure our tampons aren’t prone to fiber loss.

Most conventional tampons are typically packed in plastic wrappers. Sparkle tampons are individually wrapped in paper so we can say goodbye to plastics that could pollute our planet for 500-600 years.

Which absorbency should I choose?

You should select the minimum absorbency suitable for your flow. Sparkle tampons are available in three ranges of absorbencies: Regular, Super and Super Plus. Each range represents the grams of fluid that can be absorbed by our tampons based on a standardized laboratory test.

Absorbency Range Absorbency Capacity (Grams) Absorbency Guidelines
Regular 6 to 9g Suitable for light to moderate flow
Super 9 to 12g Suitable for moderate to heavy flow
Super Plus 12 to 15g Suitable for heavy to extra heavy flow
How often should I change my tampon?

You should change your tampons regularly, every 4-8 hours (3-6 times a day). You may need to change your tampon more frequently during heavy flow days. You should never leave a tampon in for more than 8 hours.

By lightly tugging at the tampon string, you will be able to tell if it’s time to change. If the tampon doesn’t move easily or if you feel discomfort when removing the tampon, it may be that the tampon is not fully saturated and may not need to be changed. It is easiest to remove a tampon when it is fully saturated.

If you see blood on the tampon string, it means that the tampon is saturated and it is time to change your tampon.

Made with 100% certified organic cotton.

Find your flow.

Our organic cotton cardboard applicator tampons are suitable for a light to medium flow. They are designed to absorb 6-9g.

Our organic cotton cardboard applicator tampons are suitable for a medium to heavy flow. They are designed to absorb 9-12g.

Super Plus
Our organic cotton cardboard applicator tampons are suitable for a heavy to extra heavy flow. They are designed to absorb 12-15g.

Planet-friendly period care

Made with plant-based ingredients

No chlorine bleach used

No fragrances used

No pesticides used